Useful Tips for Writing a Good Essay Outline

Importance of Having a Good Essay Outline

When you have a good essay outline, you are assured that all the main points will be covered when writing the essay. A good essay is informative and convincing. It should make your tutor convinced that you have a grasp of the concepts being taught in class and can carry out an independent analysis and interpretation.

However, not every student has mastered the art of writing a good essay. Besides, even those who do not have significant online movie reviews issues with grammar can get challenging assignments such as an essay or any other academic piece. The best way to beat these hurdles is to have a practical essay outline. It gives you a head start and prevents you from running into the same problems. Here are when you are writing your essay.

Addressing a Topic

A good essay begins with an introduction. Therefore, ensure you start with a hook or question. A quote will also work if you feel the need to add spice to your writing.

Write the introduction part of the essay outline as follows:

  1. Begin by writing the thesis statement
  2. Have a couple of supporting evidence from scholarly works and industry expert.
  3. Write the outline with the hook or quote in mind

The introduction will set the pace of the essay and determine whether the professor will read the whole piece. So, ensure you include some strong opening lines. If your intro is not strong, your entire paper will seem flat.

Incorporate all the Supporting Evidence

Your essay should be credible. You can only achieve this by having a thorough essay outline. Incorporate all the points you have gathered from scholarly works, industry expert opinions, and quotes. The points should be arranged in order of significance and relevance to the topic.

Write the outline with the supporting evidence in mind. The strongest points should come first.

Addressing a Major Topic

When writing an essay, address the central issue or themes. Some of the possible ways to do this include:

  1. Using a rhetorical query to get at the essence of the topic
  2. Using a personal story to describe the subject or theme
  3. Using a problem-solution approach to get at the solution

Regardless of the style you are going to use, ensure you get at least three significant points to support your main argument.

A Call to Action

The last part of the essay outline is a call to action. It is a way for the writer to put more emphasis on the point that they are communicating. It is also a way to ask your audience to engage in a conversation about the topic. Use a rhetorical question, an observation, or an interesting quote.

Make sure you get your audience on the hook with a compelling call to action. After writing the outline, read through it to make sure it meets the requirements described above. Make a draft copy to start with, then go ahead and revise it until it has the elements described above. You can always ask a professional for help. Besides, check out on how to write a good essay outline.

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